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"I renewed for the same terms when my first advance was paid for, because I needed the money for working capital. I have been repeatedly turned down. Its the only way that I've found of getting funds that I need. Right now its the only option I have and I am so grateful for it."
Tony B.
Owner of Supply Store Design & Grace
"Great company! I was really turned off by some other companies high rates and just about had given up on it, I sent our info to them as a las shot, and they blew away all the other offers we had got. We also had the funds in less than a week!!"
Jennifer B.
Owner of D&D Auto Repair
"$160,000 in my account 2 days after sending them the last 3 months of bank statements. What more can i say? That allowed us to jump start a huge project and revenue is up 114% so far this year, thanks LCF!"
Ross L
Owner of Advanced Manufacturing

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