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"I renewed for the same terms when my first advance was paid for, because I needed the money for working capital. I have been repeatedly turned down. Its the only way that I've found of getting funds that I need. Right now its the only option I have and I am so grateful for it."
Tony B.
Owner of Supply Store Design & Grace
"Great company! I was really turned off by some other companies high rates and just about had given up on it, I sent our info to them as a las shot, and they blew away all the other offers we had got. We also had the funds in less than a week!!"
Jennifer B.
Owner of D&D Auto Repair
"$160,000 in my account 2 days after sending them the last 3 months of bank statements. What more can i say? That allowed us to jump start a huge project and revenue is up 114% so far this year, thanks LCF!"
Ross L
Owner of Advanced Manufacturing
"Been dealing with LCF for a while now. They have always worked with me to help-out with funding. They’re also very understanding when things get a little tight. Will definitely use them in the future and will also recommend them to anyone in need of some extra funding. "
Portrait of a business man
Josh J.
"From start to finish: fantastic service, easy people to work with, very little paperwork involved, not the going back and forth all day business. This is what we need from you, mission completed. No promises, honesty with me from day 1 as to what they could do for now. They want you to stay in business. Win-win. "
Portrait of business owner standing on workshop of coffee machines warehouse
Raif A.​
"Getting funded is the easy part. Having someone explain paying it back without the semantics is totally different. They made sure that I understood all of my options and was comfortable with my decision before we proceeded. "
Portrait of business man doing remote job
Danny M.

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Do you generate more than $70,000 in annual revenue?