The LCF Group

Quick and easy service. I worked with Kurt Maimaron on a Friday for funds to put toward my Commercial Realestate purchase. Here we are on Monday and he got me more than I need and contracts are on the way. No complaints on this end. Will be using again to launch my next office in a few months.

Outstanding service and attitude! We have an excellent business, but due to our paid media agency’s deceptive behavior, we were left with an immediate cash flow issue. It was essential for us to solve this issue so that we can get back on our feet and continue to grow.

Thanks to the LCF Group and particularly Greg, not only were we able to get the initial cash advance but also an addition, which we needed about a month later.

What I like about Greg the most is that with him, there are zero BS. He responds quickly, understands our business needs well and will do anything he can to help us solve the problem.

If you’re looking for an alternative to bank loans, the LCF group and Greg is what you need! Highly recommend!

Awesome experience working with LCF! They have been a dependable lender to work with and our clients rave about their streamline process. Our account manager Lisnet, is also amazing at answering any questions we have and helps resolve them quickly!

A pillar in what is a grey area of lending. We have worked hand in hand with several providers of working capital loans across the waterfall of credit tiers. Many are now household names being acquired by much larger companies, but even they have their downsides. Endlessly looping phone trees when all you want is a human person, a black box underwriting approach where it is almost impossible to figure out why you were declined or to try and get a larger approval amount. LCF is the opposite. They are available by phone or email. Their underwriting is common sense and the approvals are for larger dollar amounts, longer terms, or for those that were declined at the big box brands for no determinable reason. They are a fantastic lending source with great after funding service!

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Other Testimonials

"I renewed for the same terms when my first advance was paid for, because I needed the money for working capital. I have been repeatedly turned down. Its the only way that I've found of getting funds that I need. Right now its the only option I have and I am so grateful for it."

- Tony B.
Owner of supply store Design & Grace

"Great company! I was really turned off by some other companies high rates and just about had given up on it, I sent our info to them as a las shot, and they blew away all the other offers we had got. We also had the funds in less than a week!!!"

- Jennifer B.
Owner of D&D Auto Repair

"$160,000 in my account 2 days after sending them the last 3 months of bank statements. What more can i say? That allowed us to jump start a huge project and revenue is up 114% so far this year, thanks LCF!"

- Ross L
Owner of Advanced Manufacturing

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